We have a call specifically in developing nations working alongside and serving the local community. We desire to be balanced in our ministry and be involved in raising intercession, preaching the Gospel and sharing God’s love and mercy with the poorest and most needy. Therefore our training will have 3 phases to equip us for missions, mercy, preaching and intercession.


PHASE 1- Theology and Intercession

Good scriptural foundations and a thorough understanding of the Word of God are vitally important. Our first year of training we will be studying at the IHOP School of Ministry in Kansas City. Studying in 5 intensive semesters a range of courses like: Biblical theology and principles of revival, systematic theology, the sermons of Christ, Biblical Foundations for Eschatology and much more. 


Prayer is central to our calling as both of us are intercessors who have been drawing together the church in our region to pray and seek God. The “International House of Prayer” is ideal as our study of the Bible takes place in a Missions Base fueled by night and day prayer. Meaning our intellectual understanding obtained in the classroom is not separated from intimacy with Jesus, and equipping is not divorced from hands-on experience, and time seeking God.


PHASE 2- Practical Training

Appropriate practical training will help us in partnering with God to reach the poor and needy with the His love. Facts like the ones below have moved us as we are sure they do you, and made it clear we need to be ready to demonstrate love in practical ways alongside speaking the Gospel message.

  Roughly one sixth of the world’s population lack access to safe, clean drinking water.

  There are 400 thousand aids orphans in Malawi alone.

  Every 3 seconds somebody dies of poverty related

disease; over 80% of these diseases are preventable.


 In order to be effective we are aiming to undertake the following courses:

  Primary Health Care

  Making water safe & drilling wells

  Appropriate technologies

  Community development

  Basic farming techniques


During this second phase 6 months of our training will be with YWAM for primary health care courses and discipleship so we can be associated with them in the future to be part of this very useful missions network.


PHASE 3- Serving

In this final stage of our training we will be in Africa getting practical experience for the challenges of living in third-world nations.  

We believe a large part of being missionaries is serving the indigenous people as they proclaim the gospel and transform their communities. We want to learn to serve them effectively so we will be spending 3 months with the Bakers at Iris ministries in Mozambique, living, training and loving orphaned children alongside local pastors.


The Bakers have seen God do some amazing things over the past years since the floods, with blind eyes seeing and thousands being saved, and most excitingly the orphans taken in and given homes. To find out more about them visit http://www.irismin.org

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