Yes, it’s true, we have culture shock. Everything is so BIG over here! That’s the main thing. Cars and houses: they have 3 lane traffic for a 35 mile an hour speed limit. The weather is more extreme, with 45 degree heat, humidity, very cool thunderstorms (I’ve never seen so much lightning) and man when it rains over here it truly pours!!It is fantastic 

But the real shock is living in the ‘Bible Belt’

for example- graffitti that says ‘i love jesus’, going to shopping to do your groceries and having ‘You are my King’ by the newsboys playing on the cd player, so many businesses with christain names …

Our course started last wednesday and is really great. Lectures started thursday. Next week we start a months intensive course on ‘the excellencies of Christ’. I am really looking forward to this. They were saying how gentiles have no problem with seeing Jesus as God, but struggle to see his humanity. What an a amazing privalege to spend a month going deep in studying Jesus’ life, death and resurrection . Thanks to all you who have made this possible.

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