Meekness and Impact on earth! How?

I find the life of Jesus such a challenge! Quite a lot of the teaching a month or so ago here was on the meekness of Christ, and it has been really be shaking up my world and concept of what life is all about as I’ve been meditating on it. I have always wanted to be a 100 fold Christian not having the seed of the word of God die in me or be unfruitful or even be 30 or 60 fold fruitful but be 100 fold fruitful to be good soil that really produces. How can I be a 100 fold believer though and have impact while being gentle and meek?

This desire of a life fully invested in God was rooted I think in an early revelation of eternity, the shortness of my life on earth and the value of living for eternity rather than just for life on earth. Also reading that heaven / eternal life is about knowing God (John 17:3) and I have wanted to know Him now so much that it has driven me into a lifestyle of seeking after him in prayer and the word, but also know Him and for this knowing to overflow into loving others. In seeking to bless others the parable of the talents in Matt 25:14-30 has been a great impact in my life and I see so many people around about me me not using their gifts through laziness or in case they get it wrong like the servant with one talent did and many putting only 50% energy into their investment. But I want to hear “well done good and faithful servant” on the last day to be invited into the fullness, the 10 city equivalent. A little bit of work in this life just 70 or so years and putting my head down and getting on with the stuff that matters, Loving God and Loving people (Mark12 30+31) and I get a reward and reap the benefit for eternity, thousands upon thousands upon thousands of years of years of benefit for a life well invested now. That is what I call an amazing deal! And to leave the coin given me to invest hidden in the dirt and not use it has seemed to me a foolish and very short-sighted waste.

I have always seen a life fully invested as a life that fully uses the gifts that God has given me. The importance of finding what Gifts I have been given (Philemon 5+6) and then cleaning them off and putting them into service for building Gods kingdom to me is Christianity 101, just basic Christianity for me. The gift that I have found the hardest to steward has been the gift of leadership for many reasons but three reasons are at the forefront of my mind now.

1.      Keeping the 1st commandment first in the midst of the pressure of leading
2.      Not being a hypocrite as my public walk with God can quickly look better and sound richer than the inner reality.
3.      The desire to use the gift fully and well, meaning that when leadership opportunities arrive, not wanting to take them isn’t really a consideration.

The third dilemma of wanting to steward a leadership gift well has got me into leading things that I have felt really out of my depth in. Also put me in real pain when I have not wanted to but I have not wanted to hide my talent in the ground and stand before Christ on the last day to hear that I have hidden the talent God had given me for fear of failure and so it all gets taken away from me and I suffer loss.

But now I am seeing another doorway open to me, a new revelation that I had never seen. I have been to loads of seminars on being a servant leader and really only heard people talking about leading well and with vision and strongly etc and that the aim is to serve people. But then I saw Jesus. The KING OF KINGS who was the SERVANT OF ALL. I was reading about when He had fed the 5 thousand they tried to make Him king and He resisted them and departed from them (John 6:15) . He resisted a leadership position that they where trying to give Him I think because they where wanting Him to be the wrong kind of leader. The kind of leader that He wants to be is a servant, He aims to be a servant and likes to be the one helping and serving people. That’s just what He likes to do. Wow!  It is his preferred role, if He turned up here He would find things to do that where lowly and served people. Where would he be? What would he be doing, the cleaning? John13 means yes, the cooking? John 6 says yes. the childcare Matthew 19 says yes. And He wasn’t just doing these things to mark time, this is His heart, this is what He likes to do. And he turned down leadership opportunities because they stopped Him expressing His servant heart through those roles and callings.

How free I feel, His burden is light for the lowly of heart! How free from having to take on things that I see now where not right, things that called me to not operate out of the right heart. So, the greatest use of a leadership gift is? To love and tend and help and serve the one that is to low to be served by anybody else! To lead people into doing the menial task that are labelled un-enjoyable and show those who will follow how to worship God in those “lowly” tasks? To meet Jesus in those tasks to serve with the One who serves. And to rejoice!

I have always loved to Do well and work hard whatever I do but I have felt that I am bound by my leadership Gift to have to aim to lead as many people as possible. I now feel refocused to aim to be low, to fight to keep serving, and to only take a leadership role if it is a serving role not a ruling role and obviously if it get the thumbs up from God. I can just imagine the conversation with Jesus in heaven as He is trying to serve me and help me and I am trying to worship Him and serve him and His servant heart just wants to make me worship Him more. What a beautiful God He is, what a beautiful Man!

I experience God lifting me up as well, as I humble myself He exalts me, I believe that this
has a supernatural element to it, I believe it is a part of the release of miracles if we choose to not do it in our own power to influence and persuade people toward God but to serve and love and abase ourselves. God exalts and shows Himself strong on our behalf in the context where His breaking in will draw more people into His servant heart and lifestyle. Power given to those who are on their faces in worship and on their knees in service.

Straight after I started to seek the lowly path I have been hit by shiny ministry opportunities that would make me look very good and cool. Oh what collisions of the heart! How great God is at digging out the root and inner desires that disagree with His sermon on the mount lifestyle of humility and servant hood. Oh it was painful to say no but with some great scriptures that he revealed to me to fight with and some prophetic friends giving me words that underlined the right path and the obvious encouragement and truthful words of my wife I made it through and kept my eye and heart fixed on Jesus walking the lower path and on those we can serve in developing nations.

My desire is that it would be God that propel us into ministering to others. I desire that it would be the power of God, the release of the miraculous, and the out breaking of His manifest kingdom in power though us that would open doors not clever words and favours traded. The path of serving people until then, can I walk it, I pray I can, there are so many people that need to be loved and helped in what they have been given to do. So many ministries that need helping hands in love and service from people that are not seeking self, people who are building and living for another age. Living for an eternal reward makes service possible. We want to live for another age, to focus our energies on impact in the 1000 year reign with Christ and the eternal kingdom. We want to walk the selfless path, Please pray for us. That we would be a resting place of the lord. 

Please Pray

Isaha 66:2  But to this one I will look upon, to the humble and contrite spirit, and the one who trembles at My Word.
a) That God would look upon us and rest upon us
b) He would keep us contrite and humble in spirit
c) And make us ones that tremble at His word

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