Prayer Request for Salvations

nightmareThough we are in a training studying and praying sort of season at the moment I have felt moved to get out and do some evangelism. Paul said to timothy to preach in and out of season so I have got involved in a youth outreach with solomons porch church in the centre of Kansas city. It is linking in with the theam of Halloween and is being very successful. 90 kids made comitments on saturday night and i had the privalage of being used to lead two lads Joe and KC to Jesus Sunday night. Please pray for me as i am out again tuesday night and probably again on the weekend. For Salvations, for open hearts, for kids to get filled powerfully with the spirit as they get saved, and for me to be bold as i am feeling a bit weak. I will fill you in on more of the outreach soon and how it works. Thanks. Daniel




Latest News and prayer requests -08 Nov 06

  1. just under 500 made commitments at the nightmare outreach – Dan was involved in 4 of those and very happy about that (2 at least where solid comitments) praise God!!!!!
  2. Suzy’s teeth are less painful but still need sorting out
  3. We have found the cheapest veg market where we can buy a months veg for about 30 quid – bargain! lots of freezing to do to stop them rotting next week
  4. Both computers have broken, 1 was refunded at the shop (we needed the cash anyway) the other needs returning as on warranty.
  5. computers breaking is being a total blessing as we have more time to focus on God pray and study without distractions and are being impacted by that a lot!
  6. God is setting a lot of our future lifestyle in him and in spiritual disciplines at the moment, it feels foundational and powerful and exciting! also scary as he sets us on things that will cost us for the rest of our lives. Hard but exciting as we know that the fruits of obedience and self sacrifice are eternal and worth it (more on that later)
  • praying handsplease pray for the 500 commitments to make it through to full glorious worshipers of Christ please
  • please pray for suzys teeth to be healed
  • please pray that daniel manages to follow up effectively with anointing and wisdom, with those that have been saved that he is linked with.
  • please pray that the good foundations that God is laying in our lives are laid well and set in concrete for the rest of our lives on the mission field.

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