The centrality of serving the Poor in our faith

Thanksgiving in America is a massive thing, celebrating since the first harvest in America and a feast that they had provided by the native Americans. Thanking God that they had made it through the first year and that God had provided for them. We love the idea of thanksgiving especially when people sit around the table and say what they’re thankful for this year, it cultivates a heart of gratitude in us and it is something that most families do, focusing on the Good things that year. It really is better to give by dugmores.
We have so much to be thankful for and gratitude is so close to worship for me, when I start to thank Him I start to see who He is when I start to see God worship is not far off. Its the same for me with wonder looking at creation and the people around me when I let myself just marvel and wonder at what He has made my heart is quickly lifted into praise.

We are so thankful to be out here studying! by dugmores.
Seasons like this make us aware of how blessed we are and for us a highlight of the festival season like thanksgiving or Christmas is serving the poor. Serving the poor really is basic Christianity, Paul recounts in Galatians 4:9+10 that the apostles said to him as they released Him as the apostle to the gentiles “they desired only that we remember the poor, the very thing which I was eager to do”. Paul’s eagerness is a reflection of Gods heart for the poor and deprived.

Suzy served food by dugmores.It is so easy to get stuck in comfortable Christian ghettos, but Gods heart leads us to the lost and leads us into serving the poor. Giving your cash to a charity for the poor is good and finding those who are in need and seeing how we can practically help makes faith active. Whatever sphere we’re in whatever ministry, Peter James John and Paul all agreed that service of the poor must have a part in our lives.

We have been trying to work this principle into our lives so while Daniel wasin bed ill, Suzy went down town to help serve the homeless. There was a big outdoor thanksgiving meal a fantastic opportunity to witness and love those in need and give them a chance to have a good thanksgiving celebration. Though this is our time to study, which we love and feel very privileged to have the chance to do, we find that if we don’t keep serving the poor with some regularity the desire slowly dies and it is such an important part of basic “sermon on the mount” Christianity.

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