The rights and wrongs of Christians in the military

My security work was good with an amazing team, while doing it I got some more clarity on something that I have been thinking about for some time. Specifically as I have some Christian friends here who are in the army and have served in Iraq and Afghanistan and speak of many Christians in the army and have vision for revival in the army. At first I was quite confused about the idea of killing but being a Christian in the light of the command “you shall not murder”. They speak about the biblical commands that govern their personal life being different than the way they act in their service of the government while carrying out actions on behalf of that government. I was dubious of this but recently I did security and ended up acting under a different moral code than I personally had while under submission to the authority of the conference that had mandated me to protect the 10,000 kids at it. This meant that I ended up asking some homeless people who were begging and potential threats to possessions and young ones and also a Latin mass Roman Catholic evangelist who was saying protestants were all heathens and trying to pull a crowd in the front lobby. Both of these things I would have not cut across outside my home, I would have (on a good day) chatted engaged with and hopefully offered provisions if possible. It was interesting to see that as the security for an authority, I acted under a different moral code than normal, and I believe that I was not ungodly in doing this. In the same way these Christian soldiers speak about their personal moral code and the one that they operate under as soldiers in the field being different. Is this true? or must soldiers who get saved leave the army? or can they get saved and have revival in the military? is killing in war murder? the command “you shall not murder” was given before God told the Israelites to kill everybody in the promised land so was it just for their personal conduct? I would be most interested to hear your thoughts on this please e-mail me any Ideas you have please!  E-mail me your ideas 

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