Sent out from IHOP

Come and pray for us and send us off from IHOP please

Hi There

A Last minuet e-mail in the hope you may be around tomorrow (Tuesday the 3rd) at IHOP during the 10-12 am intercession meeting. We are going to be being prayed for at about 11:30 in the meeting as we head of out to Africa and would love you to be part of that in some way if at all possible as we value our friends prayers a lot!!Hope to see you there

mike bickleWell we have had an amazing 8 months here at IHOP and the Forerunner School of Ministry. Some days we have felt very luke warm in our faith as we see people half our age diving so deep into God and having such treasures about the mysteries of the character of God. It has started us on a pilgrimege getting to know who God is. It has set us with determination to dive into the word with the help of the Spirit and search out the depths of who our God is, We will have to spend all our lives to scratch the surface of this great mystery, but we think that a life spent in the pursuit of God is a great investment for eternity. We would love to say thank you to Mike Bickle, the staff here at the Internation House Of Prayer and our friends who we have been studying with for urging us forward into knowing God. You have given us a gift that is priceless, a vision and hunger to know our beautiful God.
Visit for more about this amazing ministry & free preaching downloads

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