Praise God for a great time in the UK

Well we are back in the USA safe and sound after a great time in the UK. God really blessed us while we where there, sweet times visiting friends, encouraging times of sharing and preaching and great times of evangelism on the streets and leading teams out. We have been shocked at how open England is to speak about the gospel on the streets, we though it was closed, but actually we just needed to break through our fears. Suzy broke through witnessing on the streets of Seaford and Daniel starting to do Elevator evangelism. With the starting line after the lift door closed of “We are going to have to keep this meeting short as we don’t have long until we get to the next floor” bringing laughs and then the question “If you where to die tonight would you go to haven or to hell?” we where at the next floor and people left with a track thinking deeply. Where are having loads of fun witnessing, knowing when we are rejected we are blessed in heaven for eternity but rejoicing in the good responses.

One of the biggest Encouragements of the trip was going back as a prodigal retuning to the church I grew up in that have prayed for me to return to God for so may years and say thank you and testifying of what God has done. Joy of Joys a guy committing His life to Jesus when I told my testimony. Now, I love it when Christians get fired up and more passionate about Jesus, and start to desire to love Him more but there is nothing better in my opinion than somebody getting saved. I think it is because we get to experience the rejoicing of heaven. Jesus said in the parable of the lost coin that the Father rejoices when a sinner repents, and rejoice in this case means a wild leaping spinning shouting party in heaven over one sinner saying yes to God.

I always used to think that God was very disappointed with me in heaven, but then He sowed me He was a God who rejoices, I used to think that at best I had a personal angel who told God if I had repented and God sternly crossed it off His list of my wrongs, and said “make sure he doesn’t do it again” But Jesus shows us a God of great gladness who is drawing us closer, calling us to repent, rejoicing when we do so that He can Love us more. What an awesome God we have! Knowing God is with me and forgives me and understands when I stumble means I have confidence to try and step out, Like the upcoming St Patrick’s parade, it a big step for me but I know God has me by the hand.

St Patrick’s day Parade

What we are gearing up for now is the evangelism outreach on st Patrick’s day on the 17th of March, only a few days away. Daniel now has his costume and the preparations are almost ready, a long brown robe, red beard, a shaved top to His head, a 12 foot mountain built on a van, 300 Christians from IHOP to come and sing and dance, a float with an Irish band, a 1 mile rode to walk down lined with 100,000 – 200,000 people to hear the gospel.

Please pray this week for Daniel to
1) Be sharp and focused in spirit and Word
2) Have Gods word for people
3) Have courage and faith in the Holy spirits work

Also That God would open a door of opportunity for people to be saved

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