Next Equip Internation


Our next phase of training begins with Equip International, a missions organisation that has provided practical training for over 50 missions organisations. This is the stage we get hands on and dirty! Courses include: 

Water – Well Drilling

including actually drilling a well, hittting water, developing, casing, and completing a well with a hand pump

Filter Technologies 

well_drilling_equipA. building/ maintaining a water filter that is suitable for providing a life-time of clean drinking water for a family
B. Hygiene, use and maintenance of Latrines. 
C. The advantages and disadvantages of current water filtration methods. 
D. Methods of disinfection. 
E. The basics of building and maintaining simple pumps.

Community Health Evangelism

Training nationals in agriculture, sanitation, clean water supply, literacy, and family-based businesses, as well as training them to train their neighbours
Construction Technologiesincluding Welding, Construction and Electrical Wiring.
Energy Efficient Shelter hands-on experience building with straw bales and tires, using solar power and wind. Cisterns, composting and indoor gardening are also covered
Food Production
includes: Food Drying, Canning, Solar Cooking, Nutrition, Bee Keeping, Plant Husbandry (irrigation techniques, soil and plant management, intensive gardening and food production systems), Animal Husbandry (herd health, management and product utilization)
Missionary Medicine Intensive
diagnostic tools with step-by-step methods to diagnose hundreds of diseases that you may encounter. hands-on experience in physical examination, suturing lacerations, injections, calculating dosages and rehydration fluids, stomach tubes, splinting, bandaging, improvisation, sterilizing and developing personal medical kits

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