Praise Report

Friends I just wanted to post a praise report because God Has been so good to us. As the torrent of God’s river of life overflows with every blessing and abundant provisions.

Praise God 200,000 heard the gospel on St Patrick’s day
Last week was St Patrick’s day, when Suzy danced with 400 from the House of Prayer in the Parade and I preached the gospel from the top of a 14 foot “mountain” (float) I want to praise God because I never believed I would have the courage or clarity of speech to articulate clearly to those 200 thousand people who the TV reports said gathered. Prayer from so many and the fact that greater is He that is in me than He that is in the world, meant it was not fear that gripped my heart but an anointing from God to proclaim the gospel of Jesus with authority! It was so exciting to be at the head of an army of 400 worshipers, and army of whom many had been fasting for the breaking in of God, an army who cheered in unison every time my final sentence about Jesus rising from the dead was finished. What an honor. And what an honor to represent Jesus before men, as when we do Jesus promises to speak of us before the uncreated God! What an honor! The torrent of God’s river of life overflows with every blessing and abundant provisions.

Praise God for providing for us as we train
We are now 7/8 months into our training, training we stepped out in faith to do more than a year ago, quitting jobs, give away all our possessions, telling family and church. When God said it was time we had no money at all, in fact we had to borrow the £100 we needed to book our first course, we had no money right up to the last month or so, I remember thinking it was time to fast when we didn’t have enough money for food just before we left. Then He came in like a flood, And now here we stand with a history of God’s provision over the past few months that says it is wisdom to obey God. My unexpected is His perfect plan, like the £1000 we needed to send Suzy to he aural Surgeon arrived just at the right time. It is wisdom to have faith in the faithful one Who’s torrential river of life overflows with every blessing and abundant provisions.

Praise God For Lovely Friends Out Here in the USA
Praise God to for joining our hearts to friends here in the states, It had been one of our biggest worries as we left the people we had be closest to ever back in the UK, I remember because of that fear saying to Suzy that this time would be for us to get to know each other better, and that was true we have, but God has also knit our hearts to some of His precious ones here as we have evangelized, praised, fellowshipped and encountered God together. Last night Suzy and I with our friends Justin and LeeAnna had the most surprising encounter with the Spirit of God as Jesus poured and poured Himself out on us. Such joy and freedom was incomparable, I have experienced it’s counterfeit when taking vast amounts of class A drugs, but this was the spirit of Holiness bringing purification, the spirit of wisdom bringing understanding, of prophecy speaking of the future, of Love knitting out hearts to him and each other and of mystery accomplishing things in our lives that only the Living Holy God knows and understands. And all of this in a Mexican restaurant with no special prayer or formula we can reproduce, just a sweet expression of the goodness and river of Joy that flows like a torrent from our beautiful God.

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