Goodbye IHOP

Goodbye to all at IHOP we are Missing you already
Well for us it is the end of an era. Our time at IHOP has been amongst the most amazing life changing time we have ever had for our marriage and us spiritually. We leave feeling set up for the mission field in many ways and we leave many friends that we will miss and love and hope to see again. We’ve decided it’s biblical to pray for our friends to come and visit us as Jesus prayed when he was about to leave and miss his friends. His desire was that they would ‘be with him where he was’, also we add in our prayers that they would stay in touch by e-mail which Jesus probably didn’t pray but then He does have the Holy Spirit. Thinking of the future is so exciting for us, heading out into our calling going to the nations as missionaries for Jesus. We hadn’t quite understood the ache that it would have in our hearts. First to leave Eastbourne and now IHOP but each calling has it’s joys and its sorrows. We believe the challenge which is important to take up is to stay open hearted and seeking friendship even though that causes pain and we ask God’s grace in doing this. Today we remember that Jesus said that those that leave loved ones behind will receive more in the Kingdom. We claim this promise that God will give us more loving, fun, wise, joyful and encouraging worshippers of Christ to be our friends in the future.

– We love you !!!! –

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