Water filter course @ Equip

stampthe finished water filter by you.Hello friends
             Yes I am looking tired and there is a hole in my pants (that American for trousers if you don’t know) but I am the proud constructor of a cocreate water filter, yes it is a lot bigger than the one you have attached to your tap or sitting on your kitchen surface but….. It can be made form locally available materials, cement and sand and gravel and PVC pipe……. it cost only 25-35 dollars to construct after one off bigger outlay for the mould…… it can filter 1 liter of water a minuet……. it can filter out many dangerous water borne diseases and parasites…… if the water even has some human waste in it it can be filtered out…… if maintained it can produce safe clean water for a family for life…….it is an appropriate technology that a native or first national of a country could make a living from making, while improving the local health of the community…… it is a great tool for building bridges serving the community and opening doors to share the gospel with those who are being blessed.

Well that’s a little about the water filter which i made the week before last, last week we where drilling wells with the LS100 and the hand auger drill. This week I am studying Inexpensive Geophysical Instruments for ground water exploration in developing countries while  Suzy studies construction and energy efficient shelters. More about that to follow…..
                                    with lots of love Daniel & suzy

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