About Equip International


We are studying for two months here at equip so I though you may like to know a little about the place from a leter that they sent to us to introduce the placeto us.

Providence Farm began in 1989 as a place for missionaries to train for the rigors of life in the third world.  It is a 25-acre farm in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Western North Carolina. Over the past fourteen years over one thousand people have taken advantage of the courses Equip offers here on the farm or at our Canadian Campus in Vancouver Island.  These folks have come to us from 371 mission agencies and have gone from here to serve the Lord in 133 different countries.  
This really is a farm!  Living here is essentially simple living, and you need to come prepared. The classes you will attend are held in a well-appointed classroom, which was a former one-room school.  Meals will be served in a pleasant dining room adjacent to the classroom. 
Housing is in the forest, only a five-minute walk through the woods, but come prepared for rainy days and muddy paths. Bring hiking boots for the trail and slippers for the classroom. You will need a flashlight as the cabins are all non-electric, and the toilets are “up the path.” We will provide beds and you will need to bring sheets, blankets, towels, pillows and a pillowcase. We have an average of 8 students in each class and only two cabins with two single beds. 
 The cabins are lit by gas lamps and have excellent propane heaters. A shower house is close by, and there is a large cookhouse for fellowship when you are not overwhelmed by homework.

Today I am starting to study a resistivity machine for detecting bedrock you can make for $200 dollars instead of the $15 thousand it should cost for an industrial one. Suzy is laying the foundations on a building and finding the level for the ground etc. hard bain work and phisical work and a privalge to be able to be here studying.

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