Children in need africa

The DTS (Decipleship Training Course) that we are on is a Children in Need focused DTS and the main focus of our outreach is the children of africa and their families and the comunities they live in. We will be working in Tanzania and Kenya but at the moment we are working in two townships which where traditionally for blacks only in the Worcester

area, where some of the poorst people live. Our desire in our work here is that the things that we do would bring long term impact in the comunity, we as a team are not here long term so in order to have long term impact we are investing our time and efforts into the lives and vision of the long term workers here.

One of those is Laimon a native Zimbabwian working here in South Africa with an amazing vision for reaching and tansforming the communities of Africa one orphan at a time, he has been working in this sphere for years and his life and minestry is good soil and great to have the chance to sow into. To serve him we have set up a website for his minestry “Children in need Africaclick here or on the image below to have a look at the site. Also please ask the Lord if you could sow into this great mercy and evangelistic work that we see making a great differance here in Africa

cildren in need africa website


  Have a look at the “Children in need website”

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