cin dts on the road 
As you know our team was planning our outreach to be based in villages in Tanzania and Kenya, but God has a way of changing plans. In the face of this it is always so encouraging to know that He works all things for the good of those who love him. We really see his sovereign hand and prevention in our not being in Kenya at the time of the elections with all the violence there and with Tanzania closing it’s lunch of the back of a trailerborders, especially as this is the first time some of the younger members of our team have ventured into missions. We had originally planned to fly to Tanzania, but due to bookings, it was decided that we would go by road. This has been a road trip and a half with vehicles breaking down every day. However, these delays have brought the team together in prayer to intercede over the areas we have stopped in and the people we will meet and I really believe that God has and will use these prayers to bring transformation to the places we have travelled through. We have now decided tat God wants us to be based here in Livingstone, Zambia for the first month and spend 9days in a village in Zimbabwe on our return journey. It’s amazing how God’s hand is moving us. Before we left, one of the members of our team had a picture of us building a playground, and the church here we’re working with that works finding homes for lunch of the back of a trailerorphans is currently building a playground in their community. The market round the corner from this YWAM base provided an excellent opportunity to share the gospel. Our team gathered their best dances and dramas, drawing a crowd and Daniel shared the gospel and the reality of walking out the Christian life and having Jesus as Lord of your life. When the call came, around 15 adults and 25children gave their lives to Jesus. The local church took their names and contact details so that they can be discipled. We are so happy that we will get to celebrate in heaven forever with our new brothers and sisters.

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