Well we just weren’t expecting it to be honest. We had been holding a surprise 88th birthday party for my Granddad at his nursing home which was a lot of fun and he was so excited about it! Anyway we had ¾ of a cake, spare ribs and balloons left over from the party and as we where driving home we saw some street people sitting together on the side of the road. We decided to give the rigs and cake to them to be honest because Daniel didn’t really like the ribs. It was actually about to be one of their birthdays and after chatting and telling them that God wanted to show them He loved them with the gifts, we were about to leave. One of the ladies asked to be prayed for so we did. Then to our surprise she fell down as we where praying for her. I to my shame thought she must be faking a touch from God to try to get money from us. But as she fell she bumped her head slightly on a tree and didn’t really seem to notice as she started to laugh and laugh. Then as we helped her up she started to cry and then praise God and thank Him and praise Him and laugh and cry. She was so blessed by God and kept praising Him and saying that she felt like she was flying. She was saved but had never met the power of God before. Another man I started speaking about how God was so pleased with how he had a heart to protect and fight for the other homeless people to be looked after. As he talked to Suzy later he spoke about how that was exactly what he did even attending police community meetings to ask the police to stop taking the homeless peoples passions when they cleared them out. It was so exciting to be part of seeing the Holy Spirit come and show a group of people how much He loved them and delighted in them.

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