Breakdown, Repairs, Pretoria, Mozmabique

burned valveWe are pleased to let you know our combi after our breakdown in East london SOuth Africa has had the valves repaired and is running beautifully- better than we’ve ever had it, praise God! We really enjoyed a few days with Rami & Stephnie (the mechanic & family). We have made some good friends and continue to pray for God to bless them. We had an uneventful drive to Pretoria and arrived in time for the evening meeting where Suzy ended up leading worship and we tried out our very scanty portugese on the visiting pastors.

What are we doing over the next weeks?

  • a week of serving at ‘IRIS ministries’ orphanage in Maputo
  • a pastors conference near Xia xia (encouraging local pastors)
  • plus evening crusades in the local area
  • we leave the team and hope to continue up to IRIS in Pemba – this will depend on roads/ flooding etc

mozambique africaAs we head into Mozambique we are unsure how much internet access we will have available, so please know we love you even if our contact is sparadic. please keep praying for us dear friends.

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