YWAM Pastors conference success

YWAM Pastors conference success

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The Pastors conference was a success. Apparently people have come
through many times saying they would come to bless the pastors in
this way, but this was the first time people had actually followed
through on the promise. As it was a long way for a lot of bush
pastors to travel, food was provided daily along with teaching and
the number of pastors attending daily increased. A good relationship
was established between the local pastors and Jock (the team leader)
with much hope of this becoming a long term partnership and regular
blessing to the area. Praise God. It was a privilege to be involved
and minister alongside the Brazilian pastors. As there were sessions
from morning to night, Daniel often ended up preaching in the dark
with one dim light bulb behind him- not making him more visable at
all but giving us something to stare at.

One Response to YWAM Pastors conference success

  1. I am a single mother with two children and have Africa in my prayers all the time. May god bless you and all those that need him. May he enter into there hearts and be with them always.
    Latisha ( 34 ), Naomi ( 12 ) Dante ( 7 ).

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