Village Feeding

Village Feeding

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Together we have been overseeing (supporting local teenage villagers
as they run) the village feeding where we feed from 200 – 300 under
12 year old children 6 days a week. These children are so hungry and
eager to receive the plate of rice and beans fights sometimes break
out when they have to share a plate between two or three so we bought
100 extra plates for them and spoons to serve with. The thing that
really sticks in my (Suzy’s) mind was on a public holiday the kitchen
invited the village children to join them to eat chicken as well as
rice and beans. On this announcement everyone jumped up, shouting and
ran for the door. Being a woman who likes children to be orderly,
this would ordinarily really stress me out that it wasn’t an
organised move to the truck but instead I dropped my head back and
laughed, picked up a child that had been hurt in the rush and walked
to the kitchen with the stragglers. I could really feel God’s heart
of love and his joy that these children would not only be fed today
but have chicken and more than they could eat. Another exciting thing
was the day before we left, Suzy told the story of Daniel in the
lions den and then shared the gospel and over 20 children came up to
give their lives to Jesus. Praise God.
What’s next?

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