Visiting Iris Ministries Pemba

Visiting Iris Ministries Pemba

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In the 3 weeks we have spent at ‘Iris’, we have been out on medical
outreach, evangelism using the Jesus movie, spending time with the
orphans on the base, Suzy bringing life and colour to some rooms with
some art and Daniel teaching children to read. On one occasion in a
local village, Daniel gave his testimony which ended up with him
ministering to everyone in the village who wanted to give up
drinking, including a load of drunks: the most strange and bizarre
and exciting alter call he has ever done, with God giving him such a
love for these men and a passion to see them set free. One man that
was drunk had a headache which went away with prayer and we believe
was a sign that God will set him free from drinking. Suzy and a local
pastor prayed for a man who had shoulder pains and he was healed. God
is so good. He afterwards asked for prayer for God to give him a
friend, as he used to have one who lived a hundred miles away but now
he doesn’t have any. This was really heartbreaking. This ministry
reaches out in relief work, development work, showing mercy and the
love of Jesus in so many different ways to the local community it is
difficult to even list them all. They also have a house of prayer
here which they have vision to grow and encourage more people to use
to cover the week in prayer, we have been getting stuck in there,
with Suzy leading worship in the morning prayer meeting.

mozambique africa mapDaniel had a suspected case of Malaria where he was in bed sick for a
few days. The symptons are very similar to a cold, so he may have had a severe case of tonsilitus? Either way, the doctor gave him an injection of anti -inflamatories,and prescribed anti- malaria pills which miraculously we were able to get hold of. Daniel recovered within a couple of days.

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