Trailer crashes on dirt roads…

We were happily moving along the graded sand road, on our way to
Malawi when I looked in the wing mirror to see the trailer doing
cartwheels in the air with suprisingly few of our possessions flying
in every direction, before it landed spectacularly in the bush near
the roadside. We had just driven across a relatively small dip in the
road and the towing bar trailer shaped thing obviously decided it had
had enough of the journey and severed right across the front of the
body of the trailer. After staring for a while, and praising God that
the accident was not more severe, we began the process of
transferring our possessions into the VW Combi. As we were unsure of
how long it would be before we would be able to remove the trailer,
we next began the long process of stripping the trailer of everything
that could possibly be stolen including the wheels, axle, leaf
springs, reflectors, padlocks etc… Just as we finished a local
truck drove passed and agreed to carry our trailer back to the
nearest city, Nampula. God is so good. ‘Iris’ gave us details of the
local missions organisations in the area and so we spent last night
on a base run by Wycliffe Bible Translaters here in Nampula, and as I
type Daniel is in town looking for a place to get a new triangle
shaped thing welded onto the trailer. Praise God for his protection
and for being part of His family who have readily made us comfortable
in a house here with running water and (o AMEN) warm showers!!!! We
would really appreciate your prayers for protection for the rest of
the journey and that the trailer would be fixed quickly as our visas
expire on Friday (today is Monday) and we still have a long way to

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