Zimbabwe Food Relief Report

Praise God The trip to Zimbabwe was a sucess with more than 700
orphans recieving enough food for 1-2 months, CLICK to view the short
documentary movie we made of the distribution in harare so the
children can thank you themselves. Thank you for making this possible
through your generosity faith and prayers. The rough breakdown of
those who received is as follows…
25 sacks to 150 Orphan children cared for in relatives homes Harare
4 sacks to adults suffering with HIV on anti retro virals in
39 sacks to 200 children in 4 christian orphanages Harare
7 sacks to Familes i.n need in harare
10 sacks to Aliance church in Gweru
8 sacks to 23 childen at disabled school and home in Gweru
2 sacks to 13 old people in ahome for the old and destitute Gweru
2 sacks to 11 children at christian orphange in gweru village 12
2 sacks to Scrituar union drop in soup kitchen gweru
7 sacks to families in need in Gweru
32 sacks to 160 orphans being caired for in homes Gweru village 1
6 sacks to catendeka iris orphange
4 sacks to children being cared for by iris pastors in manica
2 sacks to chimoio Iris Orphange

What an amazing testimony of what the church can do as
we stand together in love and unity to help the poor. Friends the
food made such a difference and the situation truly is desperate
there especially in the rural areas, there is literally no maize
available and months to go until the next harvest. It brough us to
tears seeing God’s Heart through you for these children, How He wants
to love them and Feed them and how they worshiped Him as they
recieved. We Believe God wants to keep feeding these children and we
are willing and available to help we are waiting on the provision of
God to do that. Our plan would be to go back in december and focus
more of the food in the rural areas and also help support some church
planters who are seeing amazing growth in this hard time but are
struggling for food, we want to encourage that church growth and see
a church explosion as we have witnessed in Mozambique here! Friends
stand with us, pray with us.

One Response to Zimbabwe Food Relief Report

  1. Yani says:

    I am from Zimbabwe!! This relieves me a littlr to know there are people interested in and concerned for the kids. God bless you for the work going on now. Are you guys still helping out? Do you have any programs running still in Zimbabwe? I had no idea Iris had work in Zimbabwe. Thank you. This encouraged me!

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