Teach Us how to pray God

Teach Us how to pray God

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As i write this the prayer furnace is still burning. We ended our
week of teaching on Intercession with 24 hours of non stop prayer in
the prayer hut here at YWAM Worcester South Africa. The Prayer should
have stopped at 8:00 this morning but students have kept adding their
names to the bottom of the list so they can take another hour shift.
The response has been beautiful and we know the reason why; your
prayers; your intercession for these 20 students. Your prayers were
answered, Our teaching was heart felt but weak without the
revelations of God, but God was here teaching them how to pray. One
student said after a powerful time of prayer "I was crying with
Jesus’ tears over the people of Somalia" another 5 foot something
girl said after being gripped by the spirit of Intercession and
leading the whole group in praying for the local township; "I never
thought I could pray, but it was like I had words inside me that I
had to let out", another young African man agreed saying "it was like
fire in me that had to come out and I knew I was speaking words of
power, words with authority to change things".

It was so exciting for us to hear, as we have been learning how God
always governs created order in partnership with mankind through the
agreement of prayer as we "tell God what He tells us to tell Him"
speaking His will and word back to Him so that He releases it on
earth saying "Yes Lord let that happen, Yes Father let Your Kingdom
come". We are overjoyed that these young people are experiencing God
in the place of prayer, each tear stained face we see at the door of
the prayer hut testifies to the superior pleasures of loving God that
have to be experienced before you can say like King David did "better
is one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere".

What a lie the enemy has sold us, that prayer is "boring" and
intercession "dull"; something for the sick or old. In swallowing
that lie, hook line and sinker, so many Christians have been robbed,
satan, has pulled, the greatest heist of history, and stolen from
people who gave up everything, gave up their very lives to have; this
place of divine union between God and man, this place of prayer, this
touch of eternity today, this breaking in of heaven here on earth,
this richest food, this banqueting table of God’s Love, this hour of
the day where life and love have their source, this conversation of
creation with creator, this reason why we live, this reason why we
were made.

But we say no, no more, our lives will not be robbed of God, robbed
for one more fruitless hour of television, robbed for one more
computer game, for one more meaningless hour of sport. We will not
give away our born again birthright and exchange it for a bowl of
food that does not satisfy the eternal hunger of our souls. God teach
us how to fast and how to pray, teach us how to say no to the desires
of our flesh and cloth ourselves in immortality one amen one weak
prayer at a time.

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