Return to Zimbabwe then the uk

Return to Zimbabwe then the uk

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Christmas in the UK I think is going to be such a special time for
us as my Father and Mother have just built their new home. They have
been planning, dreaming and saving for 20+ years, and it has happened
and so we will get to sit in it together by the christmas tree
covered in the real candles they always put up. We will sing
christmas carols together, eat roast turkey and bread sauce, sit
around the fire and tell the Christmas story as we move the carved
wooden figures of the nativity set as we have always done on
christmas eve. As we have been thinking about christmas, Zimbabwe has
not been far from our thoughts. We were reluctant to go back as we
don’t have much time and the situation is worsening as you must know
and we were concerned about safety. Also I was calculating our
finances and seeing we would not have enough money to do a trip. But
then God broke in again and spoke to us from the Bible. We read

Proverbs 28:27 He who gives to the poor will lack nothing,
but he who closes his eyes to them receives many curses.

That moved me, and reassured me to take the challenge and step out
and spend the money we normally budget to live on on food for the
orphans and suffering people of Zimbabwe. Food is the primary thing
these people are worried about this christmas. I am not motivated by
the fear of curses as I don’t think that was what God was wanting to
communicate through this passage! What I recieve is that I must not
close my eyes and think of my roast dinner and ignore the poor this
Christmas. So we will go back in to Zimbabwe probably on Saturday
13th or Sunday the 14th of December just for 2-3 nights. God willing.
We will drive to Gweru then Bulawayo to take food to families of
Zimbabweans here in South Africa and an old age home and 2 Orphanages
etc. Friends, we still need funds for this trip, if God calls you to
stand with us financially in this please do so, details of how are
below. Most of all we must have your prayers please, God gave us
Psalm 121 and said "He would watch over our going in and out" and
also "stop our foot from stumbling". Please claim these promises and
ask for Gods hand of protection and grace and provision for us over
the next weeks. Things can and will change in Zimbabwe friends, let
us not grow tired of doing good, but stand in faith and prayer for a

We love and appreciate you
Daniel & Suzy Dugmore

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