December Zimbabwe Relief Report

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3500km Traveled
277 Orphans / children living with HIV received food
16 Zimbabwean families
14 destitute old people at
1 old peoples home
2 orphanages
1 community distribution
1 disabled children’s home
1 street kids drop in
from 37 churches
42 people together shared the cost of
1500kg maize delivered plus
110kg soya protein mix
120kg dried beans
100kg tinned beef
120kg tinned fish
100L cooking oil
400 candles
80 bags of salt and
80 bags of sugar for re-hydration mix
tea for 4000 cups of tea
60L of chorine bleach which make
144,000 L of clean cholera free drinking water
320 bars of soap
and, rice, dish wash liquid, and much more
15 police check points cleared
10 policemen prayed for
3 borders crossed
3 nations visited
3 different beds slept in
2 cities in Zimbabwe
11.5 hours total spent at the borders
4 hours in just one queue (line)
5 people in our team
from 4 nations
2200 km driving on just one road the N1
3 nights spent driving
16 cans of red-bull consumed
hundreds of prayers prayed and
1000 of worship songs played on the IPOD
it has been a good trip
Thank you that even though there has been an economic crisis in the West you have given sacrificially of your money to see the people of zimbabwe given food and hope. Knowing the world is praying for them has been such an encouragement and we believe that God plans for the prayer of the nations as the focus on Zimbabwe to bring much more than an economic change but start national transformation. God bless you friends thank you for co-laboring with us.

CLICK HERE to see the rest of the pictures from this trip or if you want to see the slideshow

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