Hunger For God!

Hunger For God!

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Thank you so much friends for prayers over the past months, we have
spoken at so many churches of such different styles or flavors as I
like to call it. Anglican, Baptist, Free Church, Community church,
Vineyard and COC and to come still Salvation Army and Pentecostal. So
many differences between these churches, but so much in common, still
one church, one God, one desire, and that has been the common theme,
hunger and desire. There is a hunger in the church in England and I
believe it is growing, a desperation to see the life and power of God
bring salvation and transformation here on this United Kingdom soil.
We have loved yes loved this chance to share what God has been doing
with us in Africa, and it has been so exciting to experience the
power of the Holy Spirit breaking in at church after church. Last
Sunday at the first church we spoke at there was such hunger and such
presence of God that we started out time with ministry and Holy
Spirit was there encouraging and blessing in a fantastic way. For us
this is a big shift in our style of ministry, but we do not want to
turn back, we love working with the Holy Spirit, I do not want to
just talk about God and what He does or did but seeing it happen now,
I long for constant dynamic living encounter and expanding connection
with Him. Friends thank you for your prayers, please keep praying
that His kingdom comes in the meetings we lead but also in our daily
lives. That not only in the meeting but the lady in the supermarket,
that she would have a life changing encounter with The Holy Spirit as
we talk to her and seek to love her. Friends thank you for your
prayers! keep praying!

Diary dates FYI and Prayers Please
March 8th Old town community church, Eastbourne
March 8th Living waters christian fellowship, Eastbourne
March 15th Langney community church, Eastbourne
March 22nd St Johns Plogate, Eastbourne
March 29th Salvation Army Citadel, Eastbourne
April 5th Salvation Army OT, Eastbourne
April 18th Men’s Breakfast Frenchgate Christian Fellowship
April 18th Kingdom Celebration (Eastbourne united church gathering)
April 23rd fly to Johannesburg SA (South Africa)
May 2nd 1st Zimbabwe Food Relief Trip
May/June Language Learning Maputo Mozambique
July 20-31st Teaching on Supernatural DTS Pretoria SA
August 29th Our Baby’s Estimated Delivery Date

We also have a few other things in the mix but without firm dates yet.
1) Daniel is planning another relief trip to Zimbabwe some time
before the birth taking mainly seed maize to kick start the next
year’s harvest. 2) Another possible plan is for a couple of months
possibly around the time of the pregnancy helping out with an Iris
base in South Africa, which would mean we are in close proximity to
good health care there. 3) Our move up from Zimbabwe and South
Africa to Pemba Mozambique for our next couple of years service maybe
in September maybe before, God willing. We are really missing being
back in Pemba, Mozambique with the pastors children and missionaries
we love. The lagistics of baby and birth are making planning much
more difficult at the moment, please pray for wisdom and grace for us
to move with the Holy Spirit in the coming months.

Friends Thank you for your prayers and support
We are so happy to be in this together with you

Love and Hugs

Daniel & Suzy Dugmore

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