Praise God for Amazing News

Praise God for Amazing News

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Well lovely friends, we have some of the most exciting news, we are
expecting a baby as you can tell by the scan pictures. I think that
only parents will be able to decipher or understand the amazing
thrill of actually seeing your child for the first time. The expected
delivery date is the 29th of August, Suzy is still in the 14th week
tired and nausea stage but very happy. God willing we will be
returning to Africa on the 23rd of April and the latest Dugmore will
be born in a yet undisclosed African Nation. This maybe Mozambique,
but more like Malawi or South Africa as the medical facilities are
better. This will be another Dugmore born in Africa, for the past 200
years Daniel and His sister Rachael are the only Dugmores born in
England, so it is back to our roots, Being fruitful and increasing in
number until Dugmores fill the earth and subdue it! Your Prayers
would be much appreciated especially for Suzy :-)

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