Zimbabwe Update

Zimbabwe Update

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Can I let you in on a bit of what I’m thinking about Zimbabwe at the
moment? Well I sent an Email to our pastor friend in Gweru Zimbabwe
to confirm our plans to return to Zimbabwe when we get back to
Africa, planning to be there with a load of maize the first week in
May. I guess I was expecting them to be excited that we were coming
back with more food, and I know they are, but the reply I got was one
of desperation. He said"Truly speaking things are not yet stable in
our countries therefore……. orphans are suffering and dying with
hunger………4 children and 2 grandparents that are the orphans you
gave food to passed away of hunger and cholera
disease………….Daniel and Suzy pliz try by all means to rescue
us at this moment, then you may continue with big plans for
May………….. I can go to South Africa to buy food only for few
families that are on danger, starving………… All records and
proper reports will be sent to you on how the funds (money) will be
used." What an e-mail to get huh? I think, often I don’t want to
help people because I am scared that they will need more and more and
I won’t be able to help or won’t want to. I think something like "I
won’t have enough for that or that", or I don’t want to help one
because what about the next one that comes.
I love what Heidi Baker teaches "Just love the one in front of you",
"Just stop for the one" That takes the pressure off, I will help the
ones that God has given me to help. I don’t want the size of the
needs to paralyze me helping, Jesus fed 5,000 people because He knew
that His Father longed to love and feed them. If we are willing
extreme need can be an opportunity for God. I think I have talked
myself into trying to help in some way before we go back in May. In
the long term we are going to take in seed maize to kick start
planting in the communities we are linked to, in the mean time let us
feed the ones that God has placed in front of us. We can’t help
everybody but we can help them!

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