Blind see, Deaf hear, Lame Walk, We Praise God

it was amazing
"The blind saw, the deaf heard, the lame walked and the poor heard
the gospel…."

This is the message that Jesus sent to John the baptist when He was
asked if He was the Messiah or if there was another coming, it was
the statement that He made that encapsulated His ministry. This last
trip has been amazing, It is like Jesus has invited us into this
ministry with Him, we have had several gatherings where the Holy
Spirit did all of these works that Christ testified about and more .
He has been so loving and gracious as He opened the eyes of the
blind, actually we saw 5 blind or partially blind in just one meeting
healed, He has healed the deaf with old people hearing for the first
time in years, Suzy remembers one old man smiling as he says I can
hear them singing as the orphans sang again and again "I need your
touch once again" loudly as we prayed. His has made the lame to walk
and dance and dance and dance and run up and down the road or walk
around and around the room without the wheel chair or stick and with
out pain. Why all of these healings? because He loves the poor and
humble and sweet Jesus loves to crown them with salvation and
beautify them with healing. I remember the smiles of one old man as
he pumped his legs and jogged on the spot praising God that He had
restored strength to his legs and breath to His lungs, strong again
because he had been touched by the Holy Spirit, He said he had walked
for miles and miles to get there and been misdirected as to where to
go, but he was hungry for God and he received what he had come for, a
touch from Jesus.

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