Church Planting

Church Planting

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We had the joy of being part of planting 2 new churches. One
community had requested that they could have a church planted there
after hearing that Eternal Word Ministries was a church that accepts
the rejected and people with HIV. It was wonderful to work with
Tatenda and Lucia and their church network that have the same heart
for the poor and rejected and the orphans that we and Iris ministries
have, it is a wonderful partnership that we are praying will grow in
the future. The other community was one where members of one of their
churches had been running a support group each week for orphans and
vulnerable children. We went there with a ton of maize and 100 packs
of beans and gave food to each of the children in the support group,
then prayed for the sick seeing many healed. In the evening we set up
the screen in a local football field and showed

the Jesus Movie to 500 or so people. More were healed and 50 or more
gave their lives to Jesus during the movie. It was a solid church
plant with many people saying they wanted their names to be written
down on a list that they are part of the church. That church will be
meeting to worship Jesus, along with the other we planted plus the
three or four that the church planters will have planted since then.
Their aim of 90 churches this year is well on the way.

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