Miraculous Statistics Zimbabwe May 2009

1253 orphans and vulnerable children received food
50 people in HIV and AIDS support groups received food
50 church planters and their families received food
11 Old people in a home for the destitute r.eceived food
That is 1364 people eating now because of your giving
They have on average 8.8 kg of food each
They received
10 750 kg maize meal all together
500 kg bean
750 kg rice tea sugar salt chlorine soap and the orphans favorites
juice powder!
$1200 US Dollars of vegetable seed where distributed, which will
produce tons of cabbages, spinach, maize, onions, lettuce and beet roots
We took about 9 million onions seeds which have a 90% germination
rate apparently
That is a lot of onions
2500 people s.aw the jesus movie
Hundreds gave their lives to Jesus
2 new churches where planted
3750 kilometers where driven
7 people were in the team
4 nations represented on the team (USA, UK, Mozambique & Zimbabwe)
3 cities were visited
15 or so villages or townships where ministered in
6 orphan homes will be eating well and playing football for the next
30 – 40 police check points passed with no real problems
15 examinations of my passport, temporary import permit or drivers
6 repetitive searches of the contents of my trailer undergone
2 painless border crossings
1 speeding fine almost received
600 litres of unnamed questionable petrol put in my unleaded tank
(Lord protect my catalytic converter)
At least a thousand pot holes avoided
And more than 100 hit head on
"Bath holes not pot holes" Tatenda tells us as pots are smaller!
Healings Helaing Healings we lost count of the healings
I remember at least 3 meetings where everybody was healed
Jesus Healed

Blind and partially blind eyes
Deaf and partially deaf ears
Lame legs
Swollen faces
Bad stomachs
Asthma and chest problems
Weak legs
Lots of heart problems
Painful feet, hands, backs, heads and every other body part that can
get painful
HIV sufferers reported feeling stronger and better
People were delivered
A woman who had had a non stop period for 2 years was prayed for and
she went away and came back praising God that it had stoped!

These healings are a manifestation of the love of Jesus. Friends this
food was a manifestation of the love of Jesus to those who received
it. Your God is such a powerful and glorious and Loving God, He
deserve all the Glory and Honor. Only a God who loves and heals like
He does derserves to be. worshiped. But we his little kids get to be
part of it all. Praise Him! He is so good and so loving! We got to
see a little of His love for the nation of Zimbabwe and how He loves
these rejected ones that you funded this trip to, that you sent us
out to love and care for, these childen who have been rejected
because they have no family, these HIV sufferers, who have been
stigmatized and rejected by community and even churches. We mut say,
It was such a privilege to work with ‘Eternal Word Ministries’ who
have been called to care for these ones rejected by the world who are
being received into the kingdom by the hundreds and thousands.

One Response to Miraculous Statistics Zimbabwe May 2009

  1. Matt says:

    GOD BLESS all those who were healed and blessed and stay with them God and may the churches be Gods vessel to the local broken ,..

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