Our Favourite Healings (Zimbabwe may 2009)

Our Dad in Heaven took us, his little kids, out with him, He showed
us some amazing things of His love and power, we want to brag on what
we say our Dad do by sharing our favorite healings with you so you
will praise Him and stir up your faith!

DON – I hate having to have just one favorite so here are three. One
thing that really touches my heart is when the lame walk. A man came
in a wheelbarrow and home made crutches and he walked for the first
time in 5 years. Another man walked without his crutch but the
greatest healing I saw was the last night when a 20year old man named
Jairus who had never seen through his right eye was healed and could
see as well as he did through his other eye.

ANDY – The definite favorite was a man who couldn’t see properly. He
could see a white page, but couldn’t make out any words or letters.
He also had an uncontrollable twitching in his eyes. I felt I was
praying out of duty then I heard God saying to love him and let the
sweat of my hands connect to his brow. Then I put my hands on his
eyes and felt I made a connection with him, and told him to be
healed. The twitching stopped and he looked stunned as if something
had happened. He then read out a passage from the bible to us

ANNA – I think that my favorite healing was when me and margaret were
praying for a lady who couldn’t hear and after we prayed, she could
hear us really easily and it was a really obvious difference because
she’d had to shout to hear us before but afterwards she could hear
Margaret speaking quietly behind her in Shona.

SUZY – I was excited at a healing that God did for an old lady who
was having pain in her knees. After laying my hands on her knees and
asking Jesus to heal her, I asked her to move her knees up and down
and her face lit up and she started running on the spot and jumping
up and down. Then she joined me in praying for the next lady with leg
problems and was so excited she was demonstrating to the other lady
how she should start moving her knees to see if they were better.

DANIEL – The healing I learned the most from was one day when
everybody was getting healed backs legs chests the lot then this man
with a hugely deformed face came for prayer and my heart sank, he was
so massively swollen and so hot apparently after a bad tooth that had
been extracted some time ago but the face stayed swollen and would
not go down. I prayed an prayed and nothing seemed to happen, then I
said come back tomorrow and if you aren’t healed the pastor will pray
again. I found my faith sinking but encouraged myself to focus on
those who where healed and praise God for those. And praise Him He
healed more people that day, and that night as He slept the man was
also healed, not instantly as I had wanted but in God’s timing. He
returned the next day to testify to the pastor and praise Jesus for
his health.

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