Team sets off to Zimbabwe 4th May 2009

Our team of 6 sets off for Zimbabwe on Monday the 4th crossing the
border on the 5th early in the morning. Our cargo will be enough to
feed 1000 orphans for 2-3 months a meal a day of maize and

beans. We will be carrying vegetable seeds for spinach and cabbages
and beet-roots and much more, We also have been given a vision for
hundreds of vegetable gardens that will feed orphans over the African
winter months. We will be distributing to 6 or 7 christian
orphanages, old aged homes, a disabled children’s home and many
orphans cared for in the community. Also our desire is to connect
with the Eternal Word Ministries church planters, and while feeding
some of the most desperate and needy, plant churches as we show the
Jesus movie amongst these precious communities. Gods kingdom grows
even in dark times, in fact this is when it thrives because our
Saviour is a God of resurrection life and love!

Friends we need your prayers especially at the moment. From the 2nd
to the 16th of May as we cross borders, pass police check points, buy
maize, preach the gospel, pray for the sick, show the Jesus movie,
and we hope also plant Churches. We will be staying in one orphanage
where all the female orphans and staff where raped in recent
troubles, pray for Love and healing to over

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