The Situation in Zimbabwe

The Situation in Zimbabwe

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We praise God friends prayers are being answered, the country is on
the up and things are improving. Food is in the shops and maize mills
are a similar price to South Africa though a bit higher, sold in rand
and US dollars. Fuel is in most gas stations though the type of
petrol you get is hard to put a name to, some petrol stations tell
you you’re getting unleaded but the colour says something different.
The police were helpful and seemed much less hungry than at our first
trip through. There is so much more stability economically because of
the rand and dollar now being widely used, Zim dollars are still
around but you need 6 trillion of them to pay for a 30p bus ride. The
rural areas are the ones that seem to be finding it hardest to bounce
back, to be honest they seem to be being taken advantage of somewhat
because they have little maize this year as they could not buy seed
and the conditions were dry in some areas at the wrong times. The
lack of maize is meaning that they are selling their small cattle
stock at a fraction of the real cost to buy

maize to eat or for other necessities. We met one old man who said he
had had to recently sell of 7 of his cattle (most of his herd) and at
a 6th of the normal price, city business men are making a killing
buying these cattle and it will take years for people to build up
their herds again. Also there continues to be a struggle for the
vulnerable like orphans and those badly sick with HIV. But in general
we were very blessed by the great improvements in the country, we
still see a need for assistance with food in some communities and
with the orphans that need will be ongoing. The seed we took in was a
great success and we believe this will be grown over the next months.
October is maize planting season and we want to buy tons of seed and
take it to communities who have been hit too hard to be able to
afford to buy seed after all that has happened. It is exciting taking
seed as it feels that there is light and for some their reliance on
relief is coming to an end soon as they receive seed which makes them
self reliant. 

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