Zimbabwe Outreach – (9th-30th Oct )

Our 4th trip into zimbabwe was very successful. Our mission was to deliver 3 tons of maize seed to orphans orphanages and struggling widows in time for the start of rainy season when planting starts. In each place we distributed, we also showed the jesus movie using our new jesus movie kits and praying for the sick, with Jesus
strengthening the church with many new believers and healing all manner of disease. It was great to go back to one church we had helped plant on our last trip. Seeing a young pastor also recently saved being raised up and growing in faith and authority.

We took vegetable seed again, carrots, tomatoes, spinach, rape, cabbage, butternut squash; we were amazed by some of the gardens that had been planted from the seed distributed last time. The garden pictured here is from the Eternal Word mount darwin orphanage which has been changed since the last round of vegetable seed distribution. Instead of the orphanage asking, begging and relying on donations for food from their poor neighbors, their neighbors are now coming to THEM! Now the children give or SELL vegetables to their neighbors and use the money for school fees, books and other essentials. Praise God! With this 3 tons of maize seed given out to orphans all over the country, it will only get better.

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