Victory over Witchcraft in Chiweshwe

In a village in Chiweshwe God won a might victory over witchcraft. The villagers said we would not be able to show the Jesus movie because of strong witchcraft and a cemetery. The first night the generator broke, the second night the projector failed! Then God broke in, 2-3 thousand had gathered to watch, nothing worked, but God had given me a scripture before we had arrived there “though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I shall fear no evil” we started to press in in prayer with the local pastors knowing that this was not Gods will. And suddenly everything worked, we watched the movie, then as the visiting DTS prayed, many were healed as they repented of witchcraft with demons manifesting and people being delivered. 400 were saved making first time commitments to follow Jesus. Such freedom was released in this village and it was such fun to proclaim the victory of Christ. God showed His glory in this village that though the blood of chickens and goats has power there is a blood more powerful – a sacrifice that broke the power of every curse, the blood of Jesus, the sacrifice God made on the cross.

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