Our Breaking News

Blantyre Malawi is now going to be our permanent base for at least the next 5 years. This decision was born of us crying out to God in our desperation. It has been embarrassing frankly not knowing where we were supposed to be permanently, first we thought Mozambique then Zimbabwe. God kept leading us forward and blessing us in all that He guided us to do, but all the travel was too much for us as a family. We got desperate, we must have a base Lord! and God underlined Malawi and starting a mission and prayer base there with YWAM. Now that we are here He has opened up so much vision for our lives and the base He will establish here through us. What is on our hearts, is a prayer house and missions base, where a community of missionary prayer warriors will live and pray together launching missions teams out to serve the church across this region of Malawi Mozambique Zimbabwe and Zambia. Though we will be doing this venture in conjunction with the local church and other mission agencies our covering agency will be
YWAM (Youth With A Mission) who we have been working with for some time. We had a joyful spirit filled meeting with the national leaders and their prayers and our vision for the work in Blantyre were a carbon copy straight from the drawing board of our master designer in Heaven. In practical terms this does not mean a great change in what we will be doing, but now we will be joined by a team of young missionaries, with other short term teams flying in from around Africa and the world to come and pray, evangelize and serve the poor with us

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  1. Amanda says:

    Yes Lord, Yes Lord, YES YES LORD!!!!

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