God releases salvation and healings in Muslim Villages

What a battle and what a great victory. Where every God goes He goes victorious, but man sometimes it takes me some time to follow Him. We went out for 4 days in Mangochi in a few muslim villages in that area. We where running a conference to train local pastors in how to lead communion services, baptize, marry people, healing the sick, dedicate children, welcome members. As we held work shops where they practiced taking a communion service or whatever skill they where learning you could see their joy as they felt more confident. These pastors have received little or no training and ended up pastoring because they could read, where willing and Loved Jesus. On Sunday we all danced and clapped and sang our way down to the shallow brown river for every pastor to baptize a couple of new believers, each believe one that Jesus has pulled form darkness to light in these villages where Islam and witchcraft are blended together. Each night we showed the Jesus movie and God was healing backs and headaches and limb problems. Each night former Muslims would come forward to except Jesus as their Lord and Savour. Each night I would call the parents of sick children to repent as we cut witch-doctor charms from their necks. Each day I felt heavier and like I just wanted to go home, each healing to me seemed to be unreal and fake. Then I realized we where battling something dark and spiritual here, and started to press in in prayer. Then the breakthrough came as we where teaching on dedicating our children we found out that almost all the pastors took their children to the witch doctor at birth or when they where sick. One of the pastors had not and as he testified and we taught on how God sees witchcraft God lead us into repentance and glorious freedom. That afternoon and night was an open heaven, the pastors who had repented started to see healing as they prayed, above is a video testimony of a man who came to be prayed for back and rib pain and after he was healed asked for his eyes to be prayed for and was healed of being short sighted as well. That Night more than 1000 gathered and people flooded forward after the Jesus movie to turn from Islam and receive Jesus as their personal Saviour. One lady sick from what she though was malaria had a powerful encounter with the Holy Spirit and walked away from that encounter saying for the first time in a year she felt totally well. Praise God! His presence is what we need to set us free. Please keep praying for the teams we left behind in those villages and the believers who live there who will be following up on those who committed their lives to Jesus and establishing these churches.

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