Beaming smiles & beaming light at Maoni orphanage

Beaming smiles and beaming light at Maoni orphanage in a village on the outskirts of Blantyre. Just a few days after the system has been repaired, one boy tell me excitedly that he has now been getting up in at 4am when it is still dark to study for two hours before breakfasting and  going off to school at 6. The children and staff have been a year and a half without any light but now thanks to donations made possible by members of St Michael and All Angels church we have completed stage one of the repairs the sola lighting system. Some of the children are in the middle of their exam preparations and with the short African days making study difficult with other activities crammed into the daylight hours as they walk to school and help the younger ones. The nights have again become the time when they can invest in their future. Sponsorship of many of them has meant that they can all go to school but these light bulbs mean that long after it gets dark at 6:00pm children are sitting with their books in the main hall. We have still got more bulbs, two more batteries to buy and another 12v DC to 220v AC power inverter and a sola panel controller to replace and the whole system will be up and running again. I was so excited when i heard that we had been given the money for the repairs that i ran out and bought the first set of bulbs and an inverter to make the system work partially at least for their exam preparation season. I keep on spending money before we have it but i can’t see these children loosing out for the sake of a few hundred pounds. pray for the those preparing for their exams that the time they have to study will be fruitful!

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