Testimonies from our team in Mangoch mountains

For the last week our team has been walking through the mountains evangelizing amongst hard to reach villages that are infrequently visited. This was an exciting development as we have been training this team to use the Jesus movie equipment over the past 6 months and this was their first time without me with them. Wow God did so much, here are a couple of testimonies to give you a taste ow what God did.

Testimony of Mrs Namgoomi
We where showing the Jesus Movie in Chigumula in the mountains in Mangochi region where Chimwala is the Head Man. A lady who was so sick she could not walk was brought for prayer. Her husband was carrying her and said she was not eating or drinking so was so ill. She told us her heart beat was bad running to fast with pain and her legs where to weak to walk and she had pain all over her body. The pastors gathered around her and placing their hands on her they prayed and in the name of Jesus she was healed. From that day on where ever we went in the mountains walking sometimes 3 or 4 hours between villages she followed us to see the movie again and to tell everybody what Jesus had done for her. Through her story God opened a mighty door of opportunity as faith increased at her testimony in every village and more than 100 people where healed of every kind of sickness in those 4 days. We smiled when we saw her dance each night to the song by Ethel Kamwendo about giving testimonies of Gods goodness.

Salvation in the Mountains
In monekela, a tiny village 3 hours trek from any road along tracks you would expect to be for goats through the scorched dry season mountains, 250 people gathered to see the movie and 25 gave their lives to jesus for the first time. The local pastor or in chichewa “Abusa” who’s name is Kanda Pako will be visiting all 25 of these new believers to discuss what God is doing in their libves and invite them to church. We find that the personal contact of a local pastor can mean that these new babes in christ become disciples of Jesus. But we were so blessed to see one lady who we are confident will be praising with the rest fo the congregation this sunday. She was so excited to have Jesus in her heart she announced over the microphone for all to hear that she was a Christian now and this was her church.

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