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Christmas Shopping Done?
To be honest we have not even started to think about what we will get
for friends and family yet, sorry guys! We have been planning how to
bless hundreds of orphans in Malawi and Mozambique though and thought
that you might like to join us in blessing them. Jesus said "when you
did it for the least of these you did it for me" and so helping
orphan families who would otherwise be hungry this Christmas to us
seems to be a good way to give a gift to Jesus. Maybe you would like
to give a gift to the children at an orphanage this Christmas or
provide food for an orphan cared for in the community? Here is a
couple of ways that you can give a meaningful gift this Christmas.

A gift of 50kgs of maize to an orphan
and their carers down in the Shiri valley this christmas where there
has been 100% crop failure this year due to late rains. We already
have 12 tons of maize stored ready, so now we need £650 to cover the
cost of delivery and the children’s programs and evangelism that our
team will do as we distribute. The cost per orphan is about £2.50 we
think that is a great gift to add to your Christmas stocking. e-mail
us on mail@dugmores.co.uk or visit our website for details of how to

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