Testimonies from the kalonga outreach

The team saw so many saved and healed in Kalonga and southern
Malawi. About 5000 attended the meetings and just under 1000 people
register a first time decision for Christ.Here are some testimonies
by Pastor Enock of people healed as the love of Jesus Christ manifest
showing them the gospel is true!

Jesus healed many people and at Kambito Village after showing Jesus
film 181 people received Jesus Christ as their Lord and saviour we
prayed for the sick there and Jesus heals all of them including a 13
years boy who came at the back of his mother, he couldn’t walk
properly for 9 years, the knee was swollen and his ankle too and that
after we prayed for him Jesus healed him. He walked back home alone
without any help that night and the next morning he walked again to
us with his mother telling us that they had a very good sleep last
night without any pain and he said now he will start going to school.
We all thanked Jesus for the healings he has done in this village and
right is a picture of the boy and his mother.

It was at Mwaungulu Village on the night of 8th November 2010, we
were showing the Jesus film at this village, 100 people received
Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and saviour and after the movie
we were praying for the sick and about 30 people came forward to be
prayed for different diseases, one of them was a man who had his
daughter admitted at the hospital, she had anemia (shortage of blood)
and the doctors said that the next morning (of 9th November 2010) she
will be transferred to the big hospital (District Hospital) so that
she came have blood in her body. We prayed for the father mentioning
the name of the girl Lucia Gama (the father gave us the name of his
daughter) that night. The next morning the Doctors went to the ged of
the girl to do the final check and that she should call the Ambulance
to take her to go to the big hospital. The doctors find she has
enough blood and there is nothing wrong with her, instead of going to
big hospital she was discharged from the hospital. The next night we
went to the village 5 kms away from Mwaungulu Village where she
lives, she walked there, she gave her testimonies after the Jesus
film about what Jesus did for her at the hospital.

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