Vineyard Conference in the hills near Monkey Bay was a lot of fun.

 We are excited about the connection with this church movement here
in Malawi because as you may know Suzy and I first met at Exeter
Vineyard. We love the non religious mandate on the Vineyard and that
was the theme of this conference for my speaking "From religion to
relationship" also Holy Spirit demonstrated that it is not "the man
of God" who is the one with the power to heal. After showing the
Jesus movie, the children who had received Christ as their saviour,
became the ministry team praying for the sick and as they prayed
everybody was healed. To our surprise when we asked the Muslim
village head man up to speak as we wanted to honour him after he had
sat through the Jesus movie and healings etc. He said "…they are
preaching the gospel about Jesus and we all need this" wow it seems
that Muslims like it when people are healed 🙂 God is so wise and
awesome and we can all be used by Him, even the children can release
His kingdom of healing and life! Praise Him for using weak people
like me and you!

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