January – March Update

New Pastors training in inductive study method

Inductive Bible Study training for Village pastors We have started a 3 1/2 month trial with Brian McCarthy teaching
groups of pastors who gather for 2 weeks to learn how they can study
the bible in-depth using the inductive study method. these pastors
are so excited when they start to see they can understand the scripture.

New Base an amazing prayer center

Our property is becoming a place where people love to come and pray
because of the lovely gardens. We are so grateful to God for providing u with such an amazing base and home in the midst of malawi. We can host teams of 15+ and have our while staff team living on site. We have hosted worship conferences in our prayer and worship marquee we regularly have 20 sitting around the huge dining table. It took us a year to find somewhere but God had this place saved for us. I especially love the gardens to go and walk around and pray, our prayer tent is under some trees with an amazing view. What a privilege to spend hour each day seeking God with other passionate Christians. Asking that he would release revival here.

Amazing Brazilian and Mozmabican team visited us for 2 weeks

What a week this was. we distribute healings d 10 tons of maize,
preached the gospel to 3000+ people, saw hundreds of, and to top all
of that one of the team set his head on fire trying to fire breath
with petrol instead of paraffin. I will never forget that paraffin is
gazolina in portuguese.

Village Evangelism

This last season has seen some of our most fruitful village
outreaches when we where feeding orphans training pastors, healing
the sick and preaching the gospel. In one Evening recently more than
50 where healed and almost 300 people made first time commitments to
Jesus with a baptismal class running the next day it is encouraging
to see continuing church growth.

A visit to the lake

With all the visitors recently, one thing we have enjoyed doing was
to taking them to see elephants in the park and visit lake malawi.
ben loved the water and amazing fish with fish eagles swooping in
from above to catch the fish threw to them.

Our Over grown Vegetable garden

Clumps of banana trees and sugar cain stick up from amongst the snake
ridden overgrown grass soon to be our abundant vegatable patch
producing all our veg i hope.

Gospel Jazz Band

Suzys love of music has connected us to many worshipers in the city as
she has started playing in a few jazz worship bands and as a session
musician at an album launch.

Ministry Development course

We have started training local people who are doing various ministries
so they can have their own websites and better communication. We
believe it is always best to come underneath and serve local christian
workers and lift them into their potential, this course is a way to do

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