HIV Support Group Starts

HIV Support Group Starts

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Patrick Malaisani joined staff after the DTS and writes about a
ministry he is starting. "I have started the counseling of people with
HIV and Aids as this is my passion. Last month I met with six ladies
who are affected with HIV and Aids and we had a nice time. I was
encouraging them that God is our healer and that what is needed is to
have faith in Him and trust in Jesus. I told them that Jesus is there
in Heaven for us and He wants us to call Him in any situation because
He is our Dad. After that I prayed for them and as I was praying some
of them were repenting for what they had done in their life and others
were crying before the Lord. Two of them were sick with diarrhea,
maybe malaria but I saw the grace of God and they were both healed of
the sickness. The women were thanking God for giving me a vision of
having a desire of standing together with them, encouraging and
sharing the Word of God together. It is so important to them. This
month I am going to my village to have a meeting with the people of
the village and to speak out about HIV and AIDS, to start forming a
group for counseling and support and to tell them that the way is to
love Jesus with our whole heart.

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