New Truck & Food Distribution

New Truck & Food Distribution

Originally uploaded by dugmores

God has provided a 7 ton truck for our outreach and distribution to
the poor. We have beenstruggling to move our growing teams to the
locations we are evangelizing, training pastors, starting youth
programs and church planting. God provided! We call the truck Shamah
(one of Davids mighty men who killed 1000 in a day on his own) We
installed seats and licensed it to carry 30 people, converted the
side panels to hinge down and become a huge stage, the roof has
lights speakers a 3 meter projection screen built into it that folds
out. We have started to stock pile tons of maize and this winter we
will distribute to orphans struggling in the hunger months using this
ministry machine. Shamah also means "God is here" and we have seen
that en every place we take it hundreds have been saved and so many
healed, like one mosque leader healed frm 3 years of stomach sickness
now wanting to open a church in his home village

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