Our diary dates in 2013

Jan – March 9, Our Justice Discipleship Training School (DTS) is on outreach phase , Jan – Feb 27, Cross Border DTS visiting from Finland to minister with us, Feb 26-March 3, Maize distribution for Orphans & HIV sufferers, March 16, Justice DTS Graduation,
March 25 – 29, Hosting Chichewa Language learning school,
April 15 – 17, YWAM Malawi National Leadership Meeting,
April 18 – 21, Hosting YWAM Malawi national staff retreat,
April – July, Building projects at our outreach centers in Ntaja and Mancamba, May, Hosting DTS team from South Africa,
May 5 – 18, Running & Teaching a Ministry Website Design Seminar on the Base, May 20 – 24, Hosting a HIV Education seminar in Base,
June 6 – July 17, BACK IN THE UK to see you friends & family!, July 21-Sept 14, Appropriate Technology Well drilling Seminar, Sept 22 – March 1, Justice DTS 2013/14,


Thank you All of this is possible because of your prayers and investment financially,
Thank you for your ongoing support and that you keep standing with us in faith! ,

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