Sexual Abuse Counciling

Sexual Abuse Counciling

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Emma has been volunteering on a counseling team at a brand new sexual
abuse clinic in Blantyre. The rape and sexual abuse statistics in
Malawi are staggering – most females who live in the village
experience sexual abuse at some point in their life. It is almost
considered "normal," and not acknowledged or talked about. And yet
Malawians wonder where so much of the brokenness of their nation comes
from? Terrible and tragic. The average age of the girls who come into
the clinic is 8-9; Emma’s first client was 3. She said the textbooks
in her phycology degree simply did not prepare her for looking at a 3
year old who has been raped. But She was glad to be able to be there
to listen to their stories, to explain to the parents that their
children who have been abused need extra love to walk through the
healing process with them. Also, Emma is hoping to put together
teaching material on sexual abuse that we can take to the villages
when we go, in order to educate and encourage people to speak out
against abuse, to break the cycle.

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