Hi home, Bye Home

In the past months we have returned home twice, to two different countries on two different continents. First we arrived in England towards the beginning of June, and were very happy to be home; then we arrived back in Malawi mid July, and again were happy to be home. It’s wonderfully interesting to have ‘home’ be such a fluid concept.
The six weeks we had in our English home were lovely. The summary, and conclusion, and overarching experience of being home were simply: Faith in Him will never loose. Daniel spent a lot of the time in the UK speaking about faith and trusting that God has done it before in our lives and He will do it again. It was true for us during our time there, but it was a last day experience. We came to the UK desperate to see some amazing members of staff have funding to serve as missionaries and knew God wanted to bless them and provide, we knew God had done it before for other missionaries we have trained. We stood in faith that He was Good and would release them into full time missions but it

was so funny to see him provide on the last days before we flew. It made my teaching about having faith in God doing it a message I was living and feeling not just preaching.
Here’s a few more things that we loved about being home:
1) Comfortable couches! There are very very few comfortable things to sit on in Malawi, and I was loving all the cozy furniture in England
2) The driving. Paved roads! Actual road laws! Amazing.
3) The light. We are used to it being dark by 6pm all year round, so light til 10pm was a welcome relief, especially having daylight after the children had gone to bed.
4) Family, family, family. After Matt (Suzy’s brothers) death last year, this felt particularly poignant
5) Cheese!! O how we miss it 🙂 Bacon, cous-cous and other wonderful varieties of foods
6) Shops you can walk to even on your own in the evening


s we were spending much of our time back with members of the family and getting sick, and not getting to meet with so many of our wonderful friends, we learned some hard things about reconnecting with people after a so long away – to be grateful when it goes smoothly and joyfully, and to be understanding when sometimes there is a sense of distance that is difficult to overcome in a few weeks. That is one of the sacrifices of living life so far away… probably one of the more difficult ones for us. It has been 7 years since we lived in the UK, and so many friends children have become adults, so many lives changed substantially I think that’s what made leaving a bit harder this time, as we know what it means to miss out on so much of peoples’ lives. It’s heartachey.

Thank you to everyone who made our time at home so great. It was a joy to share your life again for a few weeks in person. We miss you already.

Upcoming Diary Dates and Events to pray for

Justice DTS – Sept 22

(Discipleship training School) starts Sept 22nd with 18 students from 6 nations arriving to joining the community for 6 months

Bens Birthday Sept 11

Yes he will be 4 years old on Wednesday and He is planning a party!

New Trust Registration

We have been working hard on a new constitution for the work we are doing in Malawi under the YWAM Banner. We are almost done, please pray it gets government approval!

Moving House – ASAP

We originally felt that we would be in this house for 3 years which is up at the end of December. We need a bigger place with 3 or 4 houses on one property. Please pray wee find the right place and our leaving these places is easy.

Web Design Seminar

We will be running another this year for other ministries and bases in this region. Pray for the right people to be here and God it give a voice to those who have His good news to tell, the Good news of what He is doing today!

A final prayer request for you dear friends is that you would pray we keep focused correctly. I feel God say to me again and again Mark 8:36 “And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul?”. In the middle of the work and staff team growing, our family blooming and victories and exciting developments on every side. So many more people we are being able to help and training release and serve. I feel we have at times lost ourselves in some way, we have sent less newsletters, talked about our own love for Jesus less to Him, had less time to work out our personal salvation with fear and trembling. I believe that the Lord will guide you how to pray for us as we continue run this race with you our team members and supporters, fmaily and friends. Thank you for all your love and encouragement and support that means our life here serving is possible.

With Love and blessings

Daniel Suzy Ben & Beth Dugmore

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