News Staff and Old staff, comings and goings

We have been blessed with some new additions to our staff team, Eliot and Subina size who we have worked with for many years have now joined full time to lead the work in Ntaja which is leaping forward with many ministries and building onto phase 2 now. A young evangelist called Sungunani has joined us and after finishing the well drilling seminar will join the DTS staff from the next DTS. Benito Scales a student from the first DTS has returned to focus on kids work and again staff the next DTS. Dina a real blessing and a graduate from a base in South Africa has joined us to help with the DTS. We will be having some friends leave as well with Andrew and Anna feeling called to South Africa to focus on Andrew’s music a DTS there and their baby Girl. As a community we will be sad to see them go but rejoicing to see them do what God has called

them to do. Raphael and Ester joined us then we sent them off to Northern Kenya to an unreached tribe there, sadly their visas have not yet arrived so they have returned to help staff the next DTS. Finally Mike and Eluby Fred have joined us another couple form the old YWAM work in the area. Mike has come with such a servant heart and it is great to have mature missionaries in our midst. This is something we pray for, we don’t just want to be young people from one place or theology, we don’t want a team made up only of passionate young yes men. No, what we pray Gods sends us is variety, as we want to see in our community; the nations, the denominations, the young the old, women and men, every continent, every color every generation together seeking God and expressing Him to those in need!

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